MAIPE – Italian Archaeological Expedition in the Erbil Plain

The University of Milan’s Italian Archaeological Expedition in the Erbil Plain (MAIPE), directed by Luca Peyronel with Agnese Vacca as deputy-director, is carrying out archaeological research at Helawa and Aliawa, two sites located in the south-western part of the Erbil Plain (Kurdistan Region of Iraq). Originally occupied nine thousand years ago, these settlements shed light on the history of this region of Northern Mesopotamia from the first appearance of Neolithic farming villages up to the Islamic period. The research conducted by MAIPE is executed in accordance with the General Directorate of Antiquities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and is supported by the University of Milan, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation (DGSP, Office VI) and by the Ministry of Universities and Research (PRIN). 







MAIPE and the University of Milan pursue a policy of open access data for the scientific research. All data are available for the scientific community with a Web GIS, hosted in Dataverse®, that is an open source platform for the sharing of data used by many research centres and university institutions all over the world.

PRIN 2015

ALAM – Archaeological Landscapes of Mesopotamia between Prehistory and Islamic Period: Formation, Transformation, Protection and Enhancement