View of the southern slope with Step Trench B

Pottery from the Late Halaf period

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The Ubaid production area with the pottery kiln

Stone and clay tools from the Ubaid pottery workshop area

Painted fragment from a jar with a stylized goat that inspired MAIPE’s logo

Obsidian bladelets from a Late Chalcolithic 1 workshop

Flint blades dating to the Late Chalcolithic 3

Faunal remains relating to pigs, bovines and goats from Step Trench B

Kernels of Hordeum vulgare from the Late Chalcolithic 2 silos

Tripartite building dating to the Late Chalcolithic 2/3

Detailed view of some of the rooms in the tripartite building

Cretule with stamped seal impressions, originally utilized for the sealing of baskets and sacks

Cretula with stamped seal impression depicting two quadrupeds in a specular position

View of the building which housed productive activities. Date: mid-2nd millennium BC

Detailed view of the three round ovens in the southern sector of the building.

Examples of typical pottery from the mid-2nd millennium BC

Objects found in the Late Chalcolithic 3 abandonment layers